03 Mar
Incredibly gentle looks for all ages. Spring trends.

Spring trends. The closer spring is, the stronger the desire to modify daily and prom outfits with gentle colors and shades are. The more often romantic atmosphere is needed.
Pastel colors, which are fashionable again and again, are definitely the best way to create a spring mood and make you look fresh.

Knitted dress "Madison" Light Apricot 2 foto
trendy dress "Evelyn" foto

Everything new is just well-forgotten old. Pastel pink color, for example, was very popular in France in the late 18th century. It was called «the color of a nymph’s hip» and its various shades were therefore known as «the color of a frightened nymph’s hip» and «the color of an excited nymph’s hip».

pink dress "Lily" foto
cozy sweater Amelia Pink 5 foto
Graduation dress Kristin foto

In case you need to pay tribute to the history of the color, use it to create delicate outfits.

Lavender color

This color has been thousand times proved to be and called the trend of the season. Its pastel shades also fall in the category.

Knitting dress Betty purple front foto
Velvet Dress "Flirt" foto

Due to its fresh effect light blue is considered one of the most popular colors for creating spring outfits. It’s believed to make everyone look younger. Just check it out.


Beige color is classics which stands in the same row with red, white and black. The fashion icon and legend Coco Chanel was very fond of the color as it’s natural and organic. She always tried to use it in her looks.

casual pants "Chic" foto

The interior if Coco Chanel’s flat had a lot of beige details, from furniture to carpets. The color was also incorporated into all the designer’s collections.

Pistachio color

Pastel green and green itself tend to be associated with spring – new grass, first tiny leaves and other spring messengers.

long maxi dress "Artemis" Green foto
Knitting dress green 2 foto
short dress "Caroline" Army Green foto

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